November 4, 2011

A dear, a collared shirt and a wedding...

When ever I wear a collared shirt under a sweater I all of a sudden feel like I belong in a private all girls school.  In this case, a cowgirl, private all girls school.  Lately things have been coming together in my closet that even I don't really understand.  It's all about your confidence when pulling an outfit off.  Never let those words come out of your mouth "I could never pull that off" cause all you have to do is DO IT and then I promise you will inspire yourself to try even more new things =) Maybe I should change this post to "Pep talk Friday".  Have a great weekend!!!

And here's a little treat right off our editing press...enjoy!!


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog ... and ya on the leopard print shirt ... I have been on the hunt for one forever, and I am still cause I want more!! love it, and love your boots as well!!!

  2. I'm digging that deer necklace! It looks great w/ the collared shirt/sweater.

    North Meets South

  3. Prep talk friday ;) Love your outfit!

  4. You look adorable! I love the colored shirt/sweater combo and you wear it so well :) Fun necklace too!

  5. I used to say that a lot about not being able to pull things off but I'm beginning to keep a more open mind since joining the fashion blog world. I like this outfit and the little braid in your hair.

    <3 Rachel

  6. I love this look on you - and that necklace is so unique and awesome!!!

    Also, I may or may not have cried during that video....

  7. what an AWESOME collared shirt and sweater combination! and the little deer? PERFECT with this!

    dash dot dotty


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