July 18, 2011

Constantly on the go...Lake Chelan

 My brother's wedding was amazing! So great to see family and friends that I hadn't seen for awhile.  I was constantly shooting in video mode so I don't have any stills of the wedding, but am working on a little trailer for Shawn and Carlie and will definitely post it here when I am finished =)
  I got back from Oregon on Thursday, we had weddings on Friday and Saturday and leave again tomorrow for a Washington wedding and have extended our trip to spend time with family.  I really have never understood how people travel so much for work, but am now realizing that that is exactly what Ryan and I are doing.  I'm trying to stay sane through it all. I do feel so blessed that Ryan and I are actually able to be together for most of our travels.
  I was able to spend one day in Washington taking some pictures and even was able to get in on a few of them.

This was a shot of Lake Chelan in Washington where we stayed all week....absolutely gorgeous!!!

The four kids

The Newlyweds...ahhhh

It was the sweetest thing and highlight of my trip to see my two nieces, Olive and Nora playing together.  They are so loving with one another.

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