September 30, 2010

Oh Baby!!!


Since I am surrounded by family, friends and coworkers that have kids, are trying to have kids or are baking a bun in the oven as we speak I figured the best thing I could do was blog about it...since I am not joining in on the festivities quite yet =)  I am always stumbling across fun ideas that I want to do for our kid someday or things that I want to buy for my two adorable nieces and new little nephew.  Plus so many fun nursery ideas that I see are a few little gems I found recently.....

this adorable letterpress print, I want it for my wall!!

 And this one for my little niece Nora's room...aka my little owl =)

 Every kid must have a Cuckoo clock! I'm obsessed with mustard yellow, can you tell??

 And a print of Max is a MUST for a little boy's room!!

 Don't forget about your plush stuffed animals...Harold is my favorite from this seller, but I realized he is yellow so I chose to switch it up with this woodland bear that is so cute =)

ok, I know she is yellow but I couldn't resist!!!!!

Fun Bundles of fabric!!!

Oh so cute, and yellow!!! From Urbantots

Alright, I could spend all day looking at baby stuff...see ya later!!

September 28, 2010

5 of my faves!!!

I figure I would try to do a post like this every couple of weeks.  I get so excited about new additions I find for our home and my closet =)  that I figure I just HAVE to share.  I love etsy, I love shopping, I love junk that can be turned into something pretty....and like every girl, I love to save....and of course at times I love to splurge =)  So here are a few of all those things....hope you enjoy as much as I do.

We FINALLY received our little beauty of a couch from Macys!!!! YAY for movie nights!!

Of Course I would prefer a mid-century modern sofa from Design Within Reach, but this will do until we win the lottery.

Now that I have the couch, I'm looking for some fun throw pillows and I think any of these would be divine!!!!

 or these.....

I fell in Love with these Poms from PomLove on Etsy....$5 for one Pom and they add such a cute punch to our living room corner.

Don't you love them? So cute for nursery or wedding decor too!!

I also adore this fun necklace from Thief and Bandit on cute and affordable to be worn with a little t-shirt and jeans.  The best thing is its only $36 bucks!!! Definitely on my Christmas list!

And finally one of my little splurges for the winter are these lovely boots...can't wait to wear them and thanks to Maria for sending me to the cheaper knockoff version at Aldos....and for letting me mimic her style =) hehe

See you soon!!!!

September 21, 2010

Do blondes have more fun??? We shall see!!!!

 So I have been contemplating going platinum for a few months now and finally got the nerve to do it!!!  Being a hair stylist, you never seem to have the time to do your own hair =( I had about a half inch of mousy brown/ gray hair (yes, I admit it...I'm 26 and have a TON of gray hair, it's quite sad).  So today was the day!! After 3 hours at the salon I couldn't wait to see Ryan's face when I saw him.  His first response was disbelief and laughing nervously, but as the night has gone on it is really starting to grow on him and me too.  He says I look like Marilyn Monroe.  I was going for Gwen Stefani but whatever.  I definitely feel like a million bucks and was inspired to go buy some red lipstick to channel both those celebrity icons.  It's been a year of changes that's for sure.  Are any of you thinking about a big change??? If so, I encourage you to go for it!!!!

September 15, 2010

It's about time!!!

So I'm about a year late on doing this, but I figure better late than never. This will be my blog of our time in New York but also a place where I can share things that I, artwork, photography, design and decorating and really whatever else floats my boat.
Since you have missed out on the last year I figure I can do a short iphone picture montage of the major events that have occured in the last six it goes....

I became an Auntie for the second time!!! Nora Faye, as perfect and as beautiful as EVER!!!

I got inspired!!!

So I got a tattoo

I chopped off all my hair!!!

We moved into our own place, which gave me all kinds of decorating ideas....for a while, I thought I bit off more than I could chew.....

 But I am thrilled with how it turned out!!! Yay...DIY!!! And maybe one of these days I will do a sneak peek of our new place!! (once the couch arrives =( )

 And the last big event was going to Washington DC...I cant believe it took us a whole year to get out of the city, but it felt so great and........ my parents are here!!!!

 I really wish it would have worked out to have lunch with Barack and Michelle, but we were so busy I forgot to return his time Obama!!!!

P.S.   When I started writing this blog my sister-in-law was in labor!!! So here is the first sneak peek of baby Jack!!!! I'm now a proud Auntie B. of 3!!!!!

See you soon!!!

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