September 21, 2010

Do blondes have more fun??? We shall see!!!!

 So I have been contemplating going platinum for a few months now and finally got the nerve to do it!!!  Being a hair stylist, you never seem to have the time to do your own hair =( I had about a half inch of mousy brown/ gray hair (yes, I admit it...I'm 26 and have a TON of gray hair, it's quite sad).  So today was the day!! After 3 hours at the salon I couldn't wait to see Ryan's face when I saw him.  His first response was disbelief and laughing nervously, but as the night has gone on it is really starting to grow on him and me too.  He says I look like Marilyn Monroe.  I was going for Gwen Stefani but whatever.  I definitely feel like a million bucks and was inspired to go buy some red lipstick to channel both those celebrity icons.  It's been a year of changes that's for sure.  Are any of you thinking about a big change??? If so, I encourage you to go for it!!!!


  1. Love. Love-love. Ballsy always pays off! Well, almost always. I had orange hair once. I don't want to talk about it.

  2. love your hair do!! I need to do something with mine.. any suggestions!? :)

  3. chop it all off =) its the best thing I ever have a great face for it too

  4. started reading your blog backwards.
    you look far too better with blonde hair!!


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