January 31, 2011

Loving all things Chevron!!

I bought these earrings today...xoxo



I think I want to attempt crocheting one of these beauties =) What do you think???

January 25, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 Welp...today was a day all about spending time with myself haha.  I just got home from the movie The Kings Speech which was really good and before that I enjoyed some amazing fish tacos across the street from the theatre.  Whenever I eat by myself at a restaurant I think of the movie Hope Floats when Harry Connick Jr. tells Sandy (I love her so much, I thought I'd shorten her name) that it's not for sissies, dining alone...you gotta look mysterious, like the choice is yours. WOW!!! I'm a sucker for chick flicks and memorizing them. Anyways, if you've never gone out to dinner and a movie alone I highly recommend it =)  Now let's get to the good stuff...5 of my faves.....

5. New Ugly Doll mugs.....yay!!! So fun, I think I want all the styles for my shelf!!!!

4. Aztec fabric...I'm loving peach right now, Gramma would be proud of me.

3. Doily coasters...to dress up any coffee table =)

2. Loving these plates from West Elm...we often times don't use our full size plates and these seem perfectly cute...

1. Gel Manicures!!! Lasts two weeks with no chipping...I kid you not!!! Got mine today in this snazzy coral color to match my Birthday dress I got...eeeee!!!!

 I also came home tonight to open my early Birthday card from my sister =) she got me Joshua Radin tickets....woop woop, can't wait!!!!! Love you Kels!!!!!!! XOXO.

January 24, 2011

Daily Duds: Entry #2

 Loving all things yellow and gold =) I wore this outfit last weekend when our friends Tim and Roe were in New York and thought I'd share it with you....

-Yellow Cardigan Urban= $29.00 Sale
-Black tights/Forever21= $4.50
-Gray tunic/H&M= $14
-Brown Belt/Forever21=Free with skirt
-Brown boots/Steve Madden= $59.00 Sale
-Watch/Fred Flare= $5.99 Sale
-Headband= Handmade by me =)
-Antler necklace/Forever21= $3.50

January 23, 2011

My Husband, My Hero

Well...I said I was going to blog more this week and completely failed =( I'm getting back on the horse I tell you!!! What better way to do it with a video my ever so talented hubby and the vivid team did yesterday in Eugene Oregon...yep, I'm stuck in Brooklyn all by my lonesome while he is off gallivanting in our beautifully rainy state. He gets home Thursday (which is also my...Birthday!!!) Well, I do have some fun outfits to share with you this week so be on the lookout for some more daily duds...P.S. How have you been???

January 18, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 Well I definitely sucked at blogging this past week =( I had all the best intentions I promise....don't you hate it when you just feel uninspired and too busy even if you were inspired to sit down and make it happen??? Did that make sense??? Our apartment is a disaster, our fridge is empty our laundry bin is piled high and all I feel like doing is catching up on all my trashy T.V shows I've missed...I did manage to get my ever grown out roots done today =) but that felt like a chore as well.  Gosh, I sound depressing...how was your week??  Maybe these 5 things will inspire me to start a painting or my laundry...either one would be divine....

5. Catherine Holm inspired art....xoxo, I think this would be lovely in my kitchen!!

4. Adorable owl fabric...so cute!!! My sister in law gave me potholders out of this fabric for Christmas =)

3. Beautiful photography by the ever so talented Lavenda Memory...If only I can look that cute when I'm preggers....eeeeek!!!

2. I'm kind of loving this look!!! Knee highs, dare I get me a pair for spring???

1. Emma Stone at the Golden Globes....LOVE her hair color and that peach dress..inspired me to buy a shirt that color yesterday =)

January 11, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 Brrrrrr.....last night we came home to no heat and no hot water =( and it's 27 out right now, hopefully this get's fixed soon cause doing dishes with freezing cold water is no fun and washing your hair with a hot pot of water is not too cool either =( Hey, at least I have 5 things I love though......

5. These cute little clogs would be so sweet with a pair of tights and a skirt....love love love!!

4. For Christmas Ryan got me one of the bird mirrors but now they also make these flying ones....eeek so cute!!!!

3. Such a great motivational print!!!

2. This fun little dry erase board =)

1. I love everything about this chair!!! The color and style are ahhhhmazing.

Welp I'm going to get started on the usual laundry and cleaning =( I am excited to start a few little art projects as well (I'll keep you posted) and hopefully a nice long hot shower later... if I'm lucky........

January 10, 2011


 In honor of my home state and the Oregon Ducks in the national championship I thought I would share some lovely Oregon pride finds....hope you love them and GOOOOO DUCKS!!!!!!





I heart this one

Well now I miss home more than EVER!!! Tonight we are putting on our yellow and green and heading to a bar to watch the game with some other Oregonians.....oh Oregon how I love and miss you!!! Hope to see you sooner than later =)

January 7, 2011

Letterpress Lovelies

Here are a few little gems to get you through the weekend and for me since it is my "Wednesday"....any plans for the weekend??


For all you coffee lovers, I think my parents have an old coffee pot like this...

I think this would help me get going in the mornings =)


January 5, 2011

Oh Baby!!!

Little Nora on Christmas

First off, a big congrats and East Coast hug to one of my best friends Jamie who had her little girl yesterday....little Adi Sue this blog post is for you =)

I love letterpress as you all know, but this hand cut wood alphabet by bookhou is pretty snazzy!!! I even think it would look cool in my room =)

Such a sweet bib...xoxox

These adorable personalized alphabet blocks....I'm digging the natural wood look.

Every little girl needs a pair of these!!!!!

This little onesie would make anyone feel foxy =)
Hope you all are enjoying your day!! It's sunny and crisp here in Brooklyn.

Daily Duds: Entry #1

Gee wiz!!! I tried posting this all stinking day...something is up blogger and you better fix it fast!!! Anywho.....I always enjoy checking out peoples fashion sense on their blogs, so I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of mine. Please give me feedback if you enjoy it or not =) I always have a hard time spending full price for my clothes so I often sift through sale racks or hit up Forever21 and H&M....I try to buy things I can pair with jeans or a skirt (dress up and dress down) but also keeping it professional yet trendy =) So......here are my duds from today....

- Black urban outfitters dress= $39.00
-Olive green sweater vest/urban=$15.00 sale
-Gray Forever 21 tights= $5.20
-Urban circle scarf=$28.00
-Steve madden boots= Christmas gift =)

I'm pretty stoked about my new scarf...get ready to see it with more outfits!!!

January 4, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

  In the last couple of weeks I have come across so many things I love that it's hard to put them in order and to choose only 5, but here they are!!! It's good to be back....

5. This print from Keep Calm Gallery!!!

4. Yep, you are seeing it correctly...it's a pie in a jar!!! How sweet would it be to get one of these in the mail?? Or to send one to a special friend =)

 3. I love finding artists that inspire me!!! And this one does exactly that...

2. This post over at Say Yes to Hoboken...."no jeans for two weeks" I think I have a challenge to conquer that as well =)

 1. Marbled paper from paper mojo....makes me want to revamp our place =)

Wishing you all a very inspiring New Year!!!

January 3, 2011

Loving all things felt.....

Check out the DIY for those lovely pillows here.

I think I need to order a few bundles!!!! And start getting crafty =)
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