January 5, 2011

Daily Duds: Entry #1

Gee wiz!!! I tried posting this all stinking day...something is up blogger and you better fix it fast!!! Anywho.....I always enjoy checking out peoples fashion sense on their blogs, so I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of mine. Please give me feedback if you enjoy it or not =) I always have a hard time spending full price for my clothes so I often sift through sale racks or hit up Forever21 and H&M....I try to buy things I can pair with jeans or a skirt (dress up and dress down) but also keeping it professional yet trendy =) So......here are my duds from today....

- Black urban outfitters dress= $39.00
-Olive green sweater vest/urban=$15.00 sale
-Gray Forever 21 tights= $5.20
-Urban circle scarf=$28.00
-Steve madden boots= Christmas gift =)

I'm pretty stoked about my new scarf...get ready to see it with more outfits!!!


  1. I love this idea! You always look so cute, and I am excited to get some inspiration from your outfits :)

  2. Its about time. I want's to get my Britney on.

  3. I love seeing what people are wearing - and you're totally cute!


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