January 11, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 Brrrrrr.....last night we came home to no heat and no hot water =( and it's 27 out right now, hopefully this get's fixed soon cause doing dishes with freezing cold water is no fun and washing your hair with a hot pot of water is not too cool either =( Hey, at least I have 5 things I love though......

5. These cute little clogs would be so sweet with a pair of tights and a skirt....love love love!!

4. For Christmas Ryan got me one of the bird mirrors but now they also make these flying ones....eeek so cute!!!!

3. Such a great motivational print!!!

2. This fun little dry erase board =)

1. I love everything about this chair!!! The color and style are ahhhhmazing.

Welp I'm going to get started on the usual laundry and cleaning =( I am excited to start a few little art projects as well (I'll keep you posted) and hopefully a nice long hot shower later... if I'm lucky........


  1. Fantastic blog, can't stop reading!



  2. 27 degrees - eek! :( I hope you get your heat back soon! And that chair is really lovely.


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