September 27, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 So I have officially started a Christmas list aka things I want on Pinterest....even though it is 78 degrees here and humid as all get out!!! Below are a few that made the cut.....along with some DIY crafts I'm excited to take on once we move =)

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

5. I think a moose T should be at the top of everyone's list =)

4. This fun feather tapestry....

that I could make a crafty headboard with, like so!!!

3. I think I have settled on the choice of hunter green Hunter rainboots.....perfect for Oregon rain!!

2. I need to find and make!!! Letterpress tray turned into jewelry organizer!!

1. Lace patterned coffee table using spray paint and lace...xoxo

I can't wait for Fall, then Winter because that means home in Oregon!!! Counting down the days and praying anxiety subsides and we can truly soak up the rest of our time here in NYC.

September 8, 2011

Craft day with Momma

 When I was home my mom and I decided to have some fun and be crafty.  I had told her about a vintage button necklace I had seen and wanted to give it a try.  Lucky for me, my mom is an avid antiquer and had a ginormous jar full of lovely little heart skipped a beat =)

We were so proud with how they turned out =) And what is fun is that each one we made was totally unique and different in it's own way.  So if you have any buttons laying around give it a whirl, or send  them my way!!

Today I'm rockin mine with a little cream blouse, cut offs and my Tom's for a little extra spice!  Looking forward to our next craft day Mom!!!
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