October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities!!

I'm very sad to say that I didn't even carve a pumpkin for Halloween, I think I might pic one up tomorrow and have a post Halloween carving of my own.  We Rossman's did have a good old time on Halloween though. Since I work on Saturdays we all dressed up at the salon and had a blast getting into character....

Victoria Beckham and the Mad Hatter (Delores)
Me and the sweetest little Cupcake (Seventy)

As the day went on I really did perfect Posh's pout...don't you think???

Me and the Bee, I mean the boss
Every Bee needs a Flower (little Ms. Maydyn...so CUTE!!!)
Don't worry, we did work that day....

Saturday night Ryan and I went to a half way wrap up party for the show he's been working on and I got to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in a while...it was a crazy night that ended with a couple slices of pizza and a very crowded L train...




And the best costume goes to......

Sandy & Jesse

Her oscar was inscribed with "Wife"...brilliant idea I thought!!!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween :)

I'm excited for some posts I have planned....some great holiday decor ideas out there!!!

October 29, 2010

A day of fun gifts =)

Today I got three things in the mail!!! I love getting mail...especially when it is a total surprise and you aren't expecting it.  Randy and Sandy (aka Mom and Dad) sent Ryan and I a fun Halloween package with our favorite candies and a extra special gift for me, a TON of wooden embroidery hoops!!! I love you Mom and Dad, thanks for making my day extra special.

I also received some fun pennants from Monkey Puzzle on Etsy....can't wait to put them up!!!

And I got a sweet little card from my dear friend Hannah from back home...it's so cute I need to frame it!!!

ahhhh.....I feel so LOVED!!!!

On another note, I finally figured out my Halloween costume....here's my inspiration....

I figure, I already have the hair and that's  90% of it, now I just need to perfect the pout...

I'll leave you with this shot of Ry trying to get into the Halloween spirit...

What are you doing for Halloween??? Any fun costume ideas out there????

October 28, 2010

Oh Baby!!!

Well I sure did have a productive weekend! Went to the at&t store twice, had a yummy burger with my hubby at Island Burger, did four loads of laundry...ugh! Painted our bathroom turquoise (woop woop) and did two little craft projects to dress up those tiny walls.....I also did a little etsy shopping =) along with treating myself to a fun new pair of floral jeans...hehe. As I'm typing I'm thinking I need to share all these fun things with you in a picture montage...soon, I promise =) But if you are dieing for a sneak peek of my little crafts you can head on over to Joy's blog for my first guest post (holla)!!! But for now, it's Thursday so that means B.A.B.Y time!!!

Kinda spendy, but the beauty I think is worth every penny.

These sweet little fabric storage bins =)

Yes, it is a whale plush toy!!!!

Check out the beginnings of my friend Jamie's nursery for their baby girl coming in January.  I love that I have crafty friends =) also if you prego women out there need some ahhhmazing maternity pics, or family, or any pics for that matter you can check her work out here =)

If you aren't as good with a paintbrush....check out these wall decals...

Our kid someday will rock this shirt =)

Have an awesome day...I'm off to sling some hair....

October 26, 2010

This blue aint givin me the blues

It's painting time....along with laundry, cleaning and crockpottin....Oh and I got my second new iphone4 and so far so good!!!

How cool is this photbooth app....I'm in heaven...and I think I'm gonna get in trouble with buying cool apps...see ya lata!!!

5 of my faves!!!

 So I got the new iphone4 yesterday!!! Yay!!! But then I got home and some issues have occured....like...I can't hear anything if you call me (kind of important for a phone) and my photos folder is all black. Weird, I'm trying not to get too annoyed.  I was on the phone for an hour with tech support and after all that they tell me I got a bad phone =( ARG!!! So I'm off to the city again....but first, here are a few little eye treats for ya =)  5 to be exact!!!

5. This gorgeous Brooklyn necklace from MiniminiMarket....aka, my guilty pleasure shopping spot in Williamsburg.

 4. Yes please!!! I just can't get enough pennants right now =) I have some being made for me as we speak from a splendid little etsy seller...can't wait to show them to you!!

 3. These cute little glass tumblers I picked up at Ugly Luggage (another fav spot in Brooklyn, but one that fills my vintage needs)

2. This ever so sweet little bird mirror....xoxo

Drum roll please.....

1. Aren't these sooo cool??? I got these at Fredflare here in Greenpoint.  A box set with 20 notecards of vintage inspired polaroids....I think I need to go back and get another set just for me because they are too tough to part with.

Sharing beautiful things makes me feel so much better.  I'm off to Apple, wish me luck =) Then possibly tackling that bathroom, laundry, cleaning.........

October 25, 2010

Day off Dilemma

Today I was thinking about painting our tiny bathroom. Shouldn't take too long since it really is the size of an airplane bathroom (well, not quite but it sure feels like it).  I'm leaning towards a fun bright blue.  I actually painted it a few weeks ago a light gray since we had leftover and it is simply not working for me. So I headed over to designsponge and fell into la-la land....

Our bathroom has tiles similar to this one that go halfway up the wall...I'm diggin this bright green!!

I wish ours had storage like this =(

Help!! I need ideas........hope you are having a grand Monday!!!

October 22, 2010

Celeb obsession...yikes!!

I'm super impressed, inspired and flat out obsessed with Lauren Conrad (aka LC) right now.  I like to think that if we met we would be best friends forever and she would let me borrow all of her designer clothes while giving me style tips =) I also think she is just a super cool chick...at least from what I read about her in all the gossip magazines.  She has made my inspiration wall this week....here's to you LC and our future friendship!!!

I think I just might need to buy her best selling books....

Letterpress Lovelies

Hope you all have a lovely Friday!! I am right smack in the middle of my work week, but it's all down hill from here...right??

I think I would miss "Modern Family" and "Parenthood" too much if I killed my tv, but everything else sounds divine!!!

I LOOOOVVVEEEE this one =)

Things that are round....so fun, the donut is my fav, no the pie, no the.....

Not sure if this one qualifies as a "letterpress" but it was definitely too lovely to not post...(forgot where I found it, but if you LOVE it I can figure it out for you)

Happy almost weekend to all of you...any small or big plans???

October 21, 2010

Oh Baby!!!

 I just had some yummy polish food for dinner with some friends from Oregon =) So fun to catch up!!! Here are a few fun baby beauties!!!! (Wow, that was a mouthful)

I wish this came in my size!!!

How cute would this be for Halloween!! A little baby Lion or Lioness =) soooo sweet...

It is pretty rare to find the whole set of vintage blocks...so all you little hot mamas out there should jump on this!!!

I think every little girl must have a pair of these leggies =) too cute....

I simply LOVE this pom cluster...makes me want to expand mine...so many ideas, so little time.

Hope you all are having a lovely Thursday evening =) Any new projects you are inspired to tackle??

October 20, 2010

Vermont Road trip/Wedding work trip!!!!

 As promised, here are some pics and a little video =) of our trip to Vermont!! It was a short and sweet adventure and I feel so blessed that Ryan's work is taking us to fun new places.  The groom got us two nights at a quirky B&B in Charlotte Vermont which is just 20 minutes outside of Burlington (the "big" city).  We had a lot of fun and the wedding was beautiful. They got hitched at a huge resort right on the water. I was proud to get the shot of the groom jumping in the icy cold lake the morning of their wedding =)  At times it really made me think of Oregon.

The video is a sneak peek of what Ryan is editing for the couple =)

A few instax photos...didn't take very many =(

A pic of our little cottage we stayed in.

And here are a few shots I got of our drive through Vermont....


On our way home we stopped in Burlington for Breakfast and got some shots of lake Champlain...I didn't see the famous sea monster "Champ" though =(  and let me tell you, I was searchin!!!

We really want to make another road trip or wedding trip to Vermont again in the future....it was definitely a "must see" if you are ever on the east coast!!!
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