October 12, 2010

5 of my faves!!!

1. Pennants...I'm kinda obsessed with them right now

as you can see from my chalkboard door on yesterdays post =) I have an idea to use this theme in our claustrophobic bathroom too!

2.  These are the most beautiful and genius pillows I EVER did see...on my Christmas list for sure (is it too early?? I don't care, it's on it)
but I think I would want it to say LOVE =) Ryan and I would always play scrabble when we were first dating...wish I would have thought of this idea myself!!

3.  This little beauty hobnail bowl would go lovely in my kitchen with my hobnail tumblers
I thought for numbers 4 and 5 I would show a few favorites in our little pad...hope you enjoy!

4. My Oh so trendy modern rocker gifted to me from my amazing mother in law!!
5. My little vintage owl figurine that belonged to my Grandma.  Her whole house was full of owls, it was pretty amazing. She would probably think it is so funny how trendy owls have become, I like to think she was ahead of her time =) I wish I would have hung on to some more of them, but these little guys travel with us wherever we go =) I plan to expand my collection cause it reminds me of her.
What are you loving these days?


  1. Now this is just weird: MY grandma collected owls! Small world!

  2. I'm always loving owls, and those are adorable! I think pennants are super fun too - they just make a room happy! p.s. I love your chalkboard door!


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