October 5, 2010

5 of my faves!!!

    1. Chalkboard Paint, why I haven't used this in our apartment already is beyond me.....I think I'm waiting for the inspiration of the perfect spot =) and any of those would do for me....

2. These Angelina Jolie inspired earings....I think I NEED them!!!

3. Yes, it is a vintage canning jar Chandelier!!! I think I could figure out how to make one of these...must try!!

 4. This photo Ryan took of me a few years ago...I think I want to use it and do something like this...

                                                      with more of our photos of course =)

 5. Isn't it fantastic!!! My sister-in-law Mo found this for my nieces "big girl bed" and we are working on a shared nursery using this (from Urban Outfitters) as our inspiration....I'm having so much fun with it, post of that will be coming soon for sure. I love decorating nurseries!!!! Do you think Olive (my niece) would mind if her Aunt had the same bedding as her??? Cause I'm in LOVE!!!

What are some of your favorite things????

1 comment:

  1. Hey Brittany!

    Welcome to the ol' blogosphere. Yours looks fantastic. I'd be thrilled if you checked out my blog too, I think we have similar taste.

    Mine is Raccoon & Rain at www.raccoonrain.com

    I'm so excited for your life in Brooklyn!

    Britt Madsen


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