October 14, 2010

Oh Baby!!!

We are heading to Vermont tomorrow to do a wedding and since I am getting in the video mindset I thought I would share this video that my very talented hubby did for my brother and sister-in-law of Olive's first day of life =) Out of all of the weddings Ryan edits this baby video is by far one of my favorites...... and here are a few baby things I love....

This oh so cute birth print...

Aren't these sooo sweet??? Perfect for fall =)

And this, I feel is a baby "must have". It's a amber teething necklace, the amber stones help warm the babies gums which in turn helps with the discomfort of teething...brilliant!! Definitely a great baby shower gift for all my friends having babies right now =)

 Or you could get yourself one of these and say bye-bye to those ugly teething toys

 I had to leave you with this little beauty of a nursery....I'm loving orange right now, must be the fall!!!

Oh and a big congrats to one of my best friends that called me the other night saying she was pregnant...you know who you are =) hopefully these posts can inspire you with your soon to be bundle of joy...love you!!

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