October 7, 2010

Oh Baby!!!

I forgot to mention on my first 'Oh Baby' post the top pic was of me holding my baby niece Olive. Since I have loads of pictures of my little bundles of joy I figure I would post one at the top of each 'Oh Baby' post. This is one of my all time favorites that I got of little Nora...I want to munch on her cheeks so badly!!!!! Get ready for these little beauties I found......

Don't even think about buying this print because I already have a plan for it..hehe.

 And this one too....

I definitely could handle sitting in this nursery...ahhh the chair!!! It's yellow...LOVE =)

I think they should have put this on their wall though...=)

and this is just brilliant (featured on ohdeedoh.com)....alphabet and initial in ONE, adore it!!!!

K...I'm getting hot with baby fever, must go =)

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