October 22, 2010

Celeb obsession...yikes!!

I'm super impressed, inspired and flat out obsessed with Lauren Conrad (aka LC) right now.  I like to think that if we met we would be best friends forever and she would let me borrow all of her designer clothes while giving me style tips =) I also think she is just a super cool chick...at least from what I read about her in all the gossip magazines.  She has made my inspiration wall this week....here's to you LC and our future friendship!!!

I think I just might need to buy her best selling books....


  1. OH MY GOSH i also love LC ... and my sweet husband bought me one of her books.. started to read it, and felt myself getting stupid. I think i need to power through though. love this

  2. She's got great HAIR! And style too of course.

  3. Hi! I'm following from the Alexa hop! Hope you are having a good day and great weekend!



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