October 29, 2010

A day of fun gifts =)

Today I got three things in the mail!!! I love getting mail...especially when it is a total surprise and you aren't expecting it.  Randy and Sandy (aka Mom and Dad) sent Ryan and I a fun Halloween package with our favorite candies and a extra special gift for me, a TON of wooden embroidery hoops!!! I love you Mom and Dad, thanks for making my day extra special.

I also received some fun pennants from Monkey Puzzle on Etsy....can't wait to put them up!!!

And I got a sweet little card from my dear friend Hannah from back home...it's so cute I need to frame it!!!

ahhhh.....I feel so LOVED!!!!

On another note, I finally figured out my Halloween costume....here's my inspiration....

I figure, I already have the hair and that's  90% of it, now I just need to perfect the pout...

I'll leave you with this shot of Ry trying to get into the Halloween spirit...

What are you doing for Halloween??? Any fun costume ideas out there????


  1. Henry is charlie brown.. I am not sure what I am going to be and I have a costume party tonight!! Story of my life....

  2. I love getting mail too. The pennants are super cute!

  3. You guys are so cute!!!! And Brit you are much better looking than Ms Beckham aka Posh. We didn't even get 1 trick-or-treater. We did have a couple raccoons out back though.


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