October 19, 2010

5 of my faves!!!

 We had a great time in Vermont! It was a very quick trip but we hope to go back next fall.  I promise to post pics soon, but for now here are 5 of my favs =)

5. This little beauty of a clock would look so cute in a vintage inspired kitchen..don't ya think??

4. What a great reminder =)

3. I adore this whole look from the ever so trendy and cheep Forever21!!!

2. Aren't these paper garlands so sweet??

1. Number one right now for me is this old print I got that I plan on doing something fun with...

Well, I am off to the city with my friend Sheena who is staying with us for a few days....I think our first stop is a bike ride in Central Park (so excited). Pray that the rain doesn't pelt on us too hard =( Then maybe off to Magnolia Bakery for a sweet little cupcake.  My instax is definitely getting some love today =) Hope you enjoy your Tuesday wherever you are!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Love these! Do you have all of them?? I hope your bike ride is simply fabulous. Hope to see you guys soon! xoxo, Ev


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