October 25, 2010

Day off Dilemma

Today I was thinking about painting our tiny bathroom. Shouldn't take too long since it really is the size of an airplane bathroom (well, not quite but it sure feels like it).  I'm leaning towards a fun bright blue.  I actually painted it a few weeks ago a light gray since we had leftover and it is simply not working for me. So I headed over to designsponge and fell into la-la land....

Our bathroom has tiles similar to this one that go halfway up the wall...I'm diggin this bright green!!

I wish ours had storage like this =(

Help!! I need ideas........hope you are having a grand Monday!!!


  1. I wish I could paint my bathroom some funky color, but I'm renting and therefore it stays a bland white! Both the teal and the green would look great I'm sure!


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