October 11, 2010

Chalkboard LOVE!!

As promised, here is my Before & After pics of our chalkboard front door!!! I get inspired just lookin at it =)



 I'm still loving my Instax...got a few pics of our lovely Greenpoint neighborhood today

And a few pics of my broccoli, cheese, potato, turkey sausage soup I made for dinner tonight!! Yummo!!!

An overall productive Monday!!! It was a beautiful fall day today and now I am sitting listening to a lovely thunder and lightning storm. How was your Columbus day???


  1. Love your door, what are you planning for your bathroom. Keep the ideas coming for Christmas but I need to know where to find these things, Etsy? Thanks for the wonderful comment, your pretty darn amazing too. Ryan is a very blessed man.

  2. I put the source under most of my pics which sends you to the page I found them =) I need to start my Christmas shopping!!


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