October 4, 2010

Welcome Fall

 The fun thing about living in New York is that you really do notice the change of seasons.  Unlike Oregon and the constant rain from October-May, in Brooklyn everything seems to change. The humidity aka hot nastiness finally goes away and it feels like Oregon summer for a few weeks. And now the evenings seem to be getting a bit chillier, really beginning to feel like fall.  Even with my brisk 20 minute walk home from work the wind seemed a bit more chilling than I would have liked.  I'm glad I treated myself to a new chunky scarf at Pema =) for the lovely fall weather we are about to partake in.


In my TUMMO!!!!



  1. I'm going to fet your blog. Get ready to blow up ha ha:)

  2. ahhh yeah!!! I would love you even more than I do now...Ryan keeps telling me "its all about networking" haha...i've married such a smart fella!!!


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