October 9, 2010

My Husband, My Hero

So, I told you all that Ryan surprised me with a little gift last night. Well, it was the new Instax 210 camera!!! Woop woop!!! I have used my first roll already....and my hubby was sweet enough to get me 10 extra rolls of film...so this chick isn't running out of polaroid anytime soon =)

It's pretty ahhhmaazing and a LOT bigger than what I thought but that allows the pics to be the similar size to the original polaroid photos. They also sell the Instax mini (which is oh so cute) but the photos are quite small. I can't wait to do little albums and crafts with the shots I'm getting and most importantly it will be so fun capturing our time in New York with this little (big) guy.

this was the first shot we took! ahhhh...

I think I was able to capture how happy I was!!
The camera also comes with a very handy attachable mirror so you can take self portraits by yourself!!

So here's to hoping this will be the first of many "My Husband, My Hero" posts....I have faith it will be.  Love you Ryan, you continue to spoil and amaze me.


  1. I am speechless, you guys are so amazing, LOVE love love you and miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi - what a cute blog! I want an Instax 210 badly! I have a mini and I love it. You're a lucky girl! My husband pretended he didn't hear me when I told him...
    p.s. I spy a Catherine Holm bowl, yes? :)


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