October 20, 2010

Vermont Road trip/Wedding work trip!!!!

 As promised, here are some pics and a little video =) of our trip to Vermont!! It was a short and sweet adventure and I feel so blessed that Ryan's work is taking us to fun new places.  The groom got us two nights at a quirky B&B in Charlotte Vermont which is just 20 minutes outside of Burlington (the "big" city).  We had a lot of fun and the wedding was beautiful. They got hitched at a huge resort right on the water. I was proud to get the shot of the groom jumping in the icy cold lake the morning of their wedding =)  At times it really made me think of Oregon.

The video is a sneak peek of what Ryan is editing for the couple =)

A few instax photos...didn't take very many =(

A pic of our little cottage we stayed in.

And here are a few shots I got of our drive through Vermont....


On our way home we stopped in Burlington for Breakfast and got some shots of lake Champlain...I didn't see the famous sea monster "Champ" though =(  and let me tell you, I was searchin!!!

We really want to make another road trip or wedding trip to Vermont again in the future....it was definitely a "must see" if you are ever on the east coast!!!


  1. Aw, very sweet video.
    And how cute is that cottage?!

  2. Beautiful pics Brit, it would be fun if we rented a car next time we come and do a little road trip.

  3. WOW! It look so beautiful! Great shots!

  4. I'm so jealous of your Vermont road trip! Does your husband make wedding videos? What a cool gig!


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