October 6, 2010

In-spiration In-progress

 I have been working on my work space since we moved in September and it's still definitely a work in progress, but I'm so excited to finally have space to paint and attempt to finish some sewing projects.  In our previous apartment my "work space" was on our bed which got its own little paint job by the end of our time there.  So having my own corner is a dream here in Brooklyn!!

I have had that little desk since I was a kid...it used to be white, I painted it green and now I want it white again.  I still have a friends phone number written in the top drawer.  I will never part with it.

Isn't this shot EPIC..haha.  I feel like the sewing machine is ALIVE!!! I put six clipboards above my desk for me to add clippings of inspiration or photos that I love.  Check out my friend Britt's blog here for some more ideas she found using clipboards!! So fun and inexpensive!!!

Ryan got me this book last Christmas and it is one of my favorites.  I look at junk in a whole new usable way now.

You Can Do It!!! I'll leave on that note. Have a good night all!!!

Oops! I almost forgot...someone got ahold of some chalkboard paint...pics to come soon but this sneak peak of before will do for now....

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  1. you are so cute.. I want to be like you when i grow up!


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