September 28, 2010

5 of my faves!!!

I figure I would try to do a post like this every couple of weeks.  I get so excited about new additions I find for our home and my closet =)  that I figure I just HAVE to share.  I love etsy, I love shopping, I love junk that can be turned into something pretty....and like every girl, I love to save....and of course at times I love to splurge =)  So here are a few of all those things....hope you enjoy as much as I do.

We FINALLY received our little beauty of a couch from Macys!!!! YAY for movie nights!!

Of Course I would prefer a mid-century modern sofa from Design Within Reach, but this will do until we win the lottery.

Now that I have the couch, I'm looking for some fun throw pillows and I think any of these would be divine!!!!

 or these.....

I fell in Love with these Poms from PomLove on Etsy....$5 for one Pom and they add such a cute punch to our living room corner.

Don't you love them? So cute for nursery or wedding decor too!!

I also adore this fun necklace from Thief and Bandit on cute and affordable to be worn with a little t-shirt and jeans.  The best thing is its only $36 bucks!!! Definitely on my Christmas list!

And finally one of my little splurges for the winter are these lovely boots...can't wait to wear them and thanks to Maria for sending me to the cheaper knockoff version at Aldos....and for letting me mimic her style =) hehe

See you soon!!!!


  1. I fricken LOVE all of these! Move back and redecorate my house and help me get a new wardrobe. Love you!

  2. Hey Brittany! I followed your link from FB and LOVED your post! You have excellent fashion sense and I love the colors you picked! Good luck with everything you're're very talented! Take care!

  3. Your sofa is beautiful! I'm hoping for a mid-century modern sofa someday too. (p.s. My husband and I call it "Design out of Reach") ;)


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