September 30, 2010

Oh Baby!!!


Since I am surrounded by family, friends and coworkers that have kids, are trying to have kids or are baking a bun in the oven as we speak I figured the best thing I could do was blog about it...since I am not joining in on the festivities quite yet =)  I am always stumbling across fun ideas that I want to do for our kid someday or things that I want to buy for my two adorable nieces and new little nephew.  Plus so many fun nursery ideas that I see are a few little gems I found recently.....

this adorable letterpress print, I want it for my wall!!

 And this one for my little niece Nora's room...aka my little owl =)

 Every kid must have a Cuckoo clock! I'm obsessed with mustard yellow, can you tell??

 And a print of Max is a MUST for a little boy's room!!

 Don't forget about your plush stuffed animals...Harold is my favorite from this seller, but I realized he is yellow so I chose to switch it up with this woodland bear that is so cute =)

ok, I know she is yellow but I couldn't resist!!!!!

Fun Bundles of fabric!!!

Oh so cute, and yellow!!! From Urbantots

Alright, I could spend all day looking at baby stuff...see ya later!!

1 comment:

  1. You always find the cutest stuff!! I may look for pillows like the ones you like at TJ Maxx this weekend. Love you


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