September 8, 2011

Craft day with Momma

 When I was home my mom and I decided to have some fun and be crafty.  I had told her about a vintage button necklace I had seen and wanted to give it a try.  Lucky for me, my mom is an avid antiquer and had a ginormous jar full of lovely little heart skipped a beat =)

We were so proud with how they turned out =) And what is fun is that each one we made was totally unique and different in it's own way.  So if you have any buttons laying around give it a whirl, or send  them my way!!

Today I'm rockin mine with a little cream blouse, cut offs and my Tom's for a little extra spice!  Looking forward to our next craft day Mom!!!


  1. I just love this! And what a cute outfit! x

  2. So cute Brittany. I've never seen that idea and you made it work so well. I like your shoes too!

  3. I found you through emerald crossbow. Your necklace is very cute. I did a tutorial on this exact project awhile back. You didn't happen to get the idea from yellow blackbird did you? :) I love the outfit you wore it with in your other post!!


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