August 30, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

What better thing to do on a layover than browse the internet and share some things I'm lovin!!! Yep, getting on a plane again heading home and this time I actually get to go home! Good old Florence Oregon =) I can't even remember the last time we drove the extra three hours from Portland to home and it makes me sad.  Excited to drink coffee down under the Siuslaw Bridge with my parents and watch T.V late at night with my dad, as my mom falls asleep early on the couch.  There is something so comforting about that small town on the coast and opening the door to the house I grew up in. Very excited and I don't think it could come at a better time =) Now, let's get down to business...

5. Loving this fun tote bag by Skinny Laminx =)

4. Who wouldn't love a diamond spike necklace!!??

3. Kind of drooling over feather tattoos!!!

2. Bright red pants!! Nuff said =)

1. This beautiful clutch by Hands Up Not're not only getting a stylish one of a kind bag but you are helping out very talented Palestinian women!!!

Now, what should I do for another hour?? And then another 6 on a plane?? Wish we luck and creativity!!

1 comment:

  1. oh man brit!! Just enjoy flying without a child. I hated flying before I had henry and now I am kicking myself for not appreciating it more. We were just in Oregon and I flew back with Henry alone. It was so chaotic. He did great but I was reading, singing songs and distracting him the entire time while people around me read and slept. Glad you get to go home to Florence!! Wish we could have bumped into one another.


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