August 17, 2011

Long hair how to...

 I've been trying to grow out my hair, which seems to be taking forever!! I'm so jealous of the cute styles right now for long hair.  All the lovely buns, knots and braids.  Time to take it into my own hands =) Here's a little long hair how to if you will!!

Excuse the just blown out poof of my hair....

All you need are three or more clips of hair extensions that are your hair color.  Mine are a little lighter to match some highlights I have =)

Step 1: Part your hair about an inch above your ear

Step 2: Clip the hair in, being careful that the clips wont show when your natural hair is laid over.

Step 3: Work your way around adding the other pieces to the back and other side of your head (you can add more clip ins if needed)

Step 4: Taking one chunk of your hair, start rolling it either in a bun or simply making a mess of it =) Do the same with the rest.

Step 5: Pin away and you will end up with a low knotted bun.  Any of your short hair pieces can be tucked in with bobby pins.

So there you have it!! Hopefully this will get me over the awkward humps of growing out short hair and I'll have a little fun as well!

*Thanks to my awesome friend and hairstylist Seventy for lending me some hair for the summer!


  1. love it! now i have an idea of what to do with my extensions..they've just been sitting, waiting to be used! :)


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