January 18, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 Well I definitely sucked at blogging this past week =( I had all the best intentions I promise....don't you hate it when you just feel uninspired and too busy even if you were inspired to sit down and make it happen??? Did that make sense??? Our apartment is a disaster, our fridge is empty our laundry bin is piled high and all I feel like doing is catching up on all my trashy T.V shows I've missed...I did manage to get my ever grown out roots done today =) but that felt like a chore as well.  Gosh, I sound depressing...how was your week??  Maybe these 5 things will inspire me to start a painting or my laundry...either one would be divine....

5. Catherine Holm inspired art....xoxo, I think this would be lovely in my kitchen!!

4. Adorable owl fabric...so cute!!! My sister in law gave me potholders out of this fabric for Christmas =)

3. Beautiful photography by the ever so talented Lavenda Memory...If only I can look that cute when I'm preggers....eeeeek!!!

2. I'm kind of loving this look!!! Knee highs, dare I get me a pair for spring???

1. Emma Stone at the Golden Globes....LOVE her hair color and that peach dress..inspired me to buy a shirt that color yesterday =)

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