January 5, 2011

Oh Baby!!!

Little Nora on Christmas

First off, a big congrats and East Coast hug to one of my best friends Jamie who had her little girl yesterday....little Adi Sue this blog post is for you =)

I love letterpress as you all know, but this hand cut wood alphabet by bookhou is pretty snazzy!!! I even think it would look cool in my room =)

Such a sweet bib...xoxox

These adorable personalized alphabet blocks....I'm digging the natural wood look.

Every little girl needs a pair of these!!!!!

This little onesie would make anyone feel foxy =)
Hope you all are enjoying your day!! It's sunny and crisp here in Brooklyn.


  1. I want a schoolroom/library in my next house and I'm pretty sure that alpha-art needs to go in it!

  2. ugh that hand cut wood alphabet is SOOOOo cute. seen it a few other places and already want it :) .. no where to put it yet though :)

    hosting a giveaway this week Britt, come stop by :)


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