November 10, 2011

Rocket ships and ferry rides....

Now I am kicking myself for not branching out of our stoop to take pictures!! Hence the rocket ship artwork in the background =) This was also the first time we took the new ferry from Brooklyn to the city and it was the perfect day to do so.  It's always fun having family in town because I get to feel like a tourist all over again while eating constantly....I can justify my two burgers in two days because of all the walking right???

I'm wearing: Sweater (Romwe), Skirt (Thrift), Boots (Steve Madden), Necklace (Forever21)


  1. don't worry about the burger thing, once when I was in Vegas I had three in ONE DAY!!! so gross I know, but they were that good, plus I shared with the hubby ... so I guess it really doesn't count!!

  2. Oh, wow, what a great sweater and I love how you've styled it. Great background too!


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