November 15, 2011


I think I shall wear this on Thanksgiving.  It kinda screams "pass the sweet potatoes!!" doesn't it? This was one of my last years Christmas gifts from the hubs and I only wore it a handful of times last season.  Needless to say I'm Thankful this trend is staying strong cause who doesn't love a little bit of fur now and then =)

I'm wearing: Sweater (Forever21), Vest (BB Dakota), Scarf and Jeans (Forever21), Boots (Kohls)


  1. So, I've never had sweat potatoes... are those like sweaty sweet potatoes?! haha, sorry, I couldn't help it!

    You look adorable and this outfit is definitely Thanksgiving-approved. I am in love with those shoes...

    I hope you have a great Tuesday (and Thanksgiving in case I don't "see" you before that!).

  2. What a great typo!! Sweaty sweet potatoes are probably delish!

  3. I have this vest!!!! havent worn it yet but im excited to!

  4. I want a fluffy vest!! the perfect thanksgiving outfit, indeed.

  5. you look amazing! love a little fur. I keep wanting to try this trend and have chickened out time after time. I think this season I'm going to go for it!

    so glad I stumbled across your blog :)

  6. Love the fur!!! And those wedges are great too.

    <3 Rachel


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