December 7, 2010

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 I'm having a nice, lazy day today =) when I really should be doing laundry and cleaning up our apartment I'm laying on the coach watching movies as the dishes sit in the sink from last night...I'll get to them in a little while.  I went out yesterday to "finish" my Christmas shopping and was quickly reminded how packed Manhattan is, especially during Christmas time.  Let's just say I plan on doing the rest of my shopping online.  Right now here are 5 things I adore....

5. These sparkly acorn ornaments!!

4. This fun retro poster....I think it would be badass in Ryan's office nook since he loves video games.

So I am currently obsessed with looking at coats online....Ryan says I already have what I need and yes, that is true but a girl can dream right???? So one of you should go buy one and enjoy it for me =)

3. I love this classic yummy caramel pea coat....

2. Don't you think a fur coat would be so much fun?? I sure do!!!!

1. Isn't that collar heavenly??  I love you, why are you out of stock and sooo expensive??!!!

Someday I shall own a closet big enough to house all three of you lovely ladies...till then I'll see you in my dreams =)

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