June 14, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

So excited to share with you today some fun things that have caught my eye =)

5. Love this!! Perfect for NY living =)

4. Hedgehog hand towels....random and fun!!!

3. Quite possibly because my obsession with Dexter, but also because it's badass!! I want one!!!

2. Terra cotta pots + modgepodge + fabric = awesomeness....I have all three...doing it!!!


 I think we are going to go watch Super 8!! It's an overcast summer day here in Brooklyn so that sounds perfect =)


  1. i might have to do the DIY pot project.
    i love your 5 fave tuesdays!

  2. love the hedgehog hand towels - so cute! i have a friend who wants a hedge hog as a pet -- may have to get these for her! :) and if destiny does a diy on the pot project, please let me know! would love to give those a try with my girly girl who loves arts and crafts! love you faves, brittany!!!!

  3. Rental sweet rental is too cute. And I'mloving those necklaces! I just saw the new preview for dexter, which doesn't show anything, only him talking, but it still got me so excited for it to come back!!


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