June 28, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 I'm getting the sense that I'm experiencing the calm before the storm right now.  We leave Friday for a wedding in Toronto (yay), then get back on the 4th and I turn around on the 6th to go to Seattle for my brother's wedding (double yay).  Ryan won't be making the trip with me because we were already booked for a wedding that same weekend =( I am looking forward to a fun relaxing week in Seattle with the whole fam!!! I can't seem to escape weddings this summer and I kind of love it!!! Here are 5 of my faves....

5. This splendid kitchen conversion chart...I'm often asking Ryan for help in the category!

4. These fun little "Me and You" pencils =)

3. I don't think I will EVER get tired of this print...Loving the gold and gray one!!!

2. Pretty much in love with this tumbling vine hoodie =)

1. Love this!! And it's called three tier wedding cake =)

Have a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Ohhh, enjoy 'my' city! ;) It's going to H-O-T and humid this weekend though, be prepared!

  2. I've always wanted the gold print- but can never find it


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