June 30, 2011

Oh Baby!!!

Now days it is so rare to hear people being surprised on the sex of the baby the day he/she is born.  My parents didn't find out with all four of us.  I had one friend that told me it's a big enough surprise having a human pop out of there that she didn't need to have that excitement of "what is it?!?" Now there are all sorts of fun ways to find out....

Whether it's biting into a yummy cookie....

Or a great excuse to throw a fun party!!!

I love this idea for a party found over at Colourofhope.com =) Mustache or Bows?? Such a clever idea!!

What do you think? Find out or not?? Throw a big bash or save some cash??


  1. My sister had to bake a cake for a surprise "find out the sex" party - it was blue! Such a fun idea. (love your posts!)

  2. great ideas... wish i had these when i was pregnant with my 3... we did not find out their genders. our friends were so annoyed with us! lol there were days when i wanted to know... but in the end, i'm so glad we didn't. when they each came out, we were so happy to greet them and give them each one of the two names we had picked out. the best surprises ever!


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