June 23, 2011

Oh Baby!!!

 I'm totally jumping the gun here....but babies have been on my mind so much lately!! Nothing new I guess.  I find myself saving fabric in my favorites section on Etsy for that boy I know we will have....haha.  I think it could be because we are moving home in November and for us this means really settling down and "cough" starting a family.  So yeah, it kinda feels like when you all of a sudden are talking about rings before getting engaged.  Don't get too excited peeps....this coming from a couple that almost bought a house in Oregon a few months before abruptly moving to New York.  Plans don't seem to be our thing =)
  Anywho, onto the cool stuff!! Wanted to share some fun maternity shot ideas...I'm super duper blessed to have a very talented hubby and photog friend that I will put to work on these ideas.....eeeeek!! So fun!!!

How adorable is this idea!! Music Millennium in Portland would be ideal I think....

A little vintage picnic in the park =)

These make me want to plan a pregnancy with my sis...or best friend will do =)

1 comment:

  1. love the vintage in the park!!! these are great great great great shots!!! makes me want to have another baby! alas, 3 is enough... for "now." ;)


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