May 24, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

Man I am having a rough Tuesday...stayed out way too late with friends and I have to admit, I had a few too many mimosas (who says it has to be a brunch drink anyways!?!) So I am very sluggish, hence the 5:30 blog post.....anywho here are 5 of my faves!!!

5. These ever so adorable pillow case dresses found over at Smile and the vintage!!!

4. I think it inspired me to buy this little number for my brother's wedding in July =)

3. I think I need this dresser!!

2. Steph's new forks...inspired by Nicole and Nima's wedding signs =)

1. Eeee, it's a bookshelf Tree!!!!

Enjoy your evening friends!!!!


  1. love those forks!!

    also loving the brunette! Hope to see your hair (and you) soon.

  2. if my daughter would just wear those pillowcase dresses, i'd make her 10! they are so cute (to me). and yes, the vintage cases -- awesome! love that book shelf! although that would not last in my house with my 2 boys... they love to shoot things down - can you imagine how much fun that would be in there room???! eeek is right! but for a totally different reason! ;)


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