May 9, 2011

Oh Boy!!!

 I started compiling ideas for Cara if she was going to have a girl and today she found out for sure it is a boy!!! I still thought it would be fun to share the things I was thinking if it was a girl.  The only thing she mentioned was she liked purple and the rest was up to me.....I feel so honored =)

I went with Joel Dewberry fabric his stuff right now =)

I thought a pretty teal mirror would be so feminine hanging on a wall...

Sweet shades of purple mobile....xo

How sweet are those doily clouds?? A fun DIY!!

Little owl print from PerlaAnne's etsy shop...

I'm so excited for you Cara!!! You have one lucky little boy in your belly =)


  1. LOVE your color choice for the fabrics!!! Wish I was going to have a baby again! awwwwwwww. LOVE the picture of the girl in her crib, er... sleeping??? lol

  2. LOVEEEEE. i hate pink so this is my cup of tea :)


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