May 16, 2011

Wedding Weekend

 It has been a crazy last couple of days here in Oregon.  Trying to see everyone, work, get in some kisses to my nieces and nephew. All while fighting a sore throat =( It was a lot of fun shooting at The Nines hotel and staying in downtown Portland..I'm excited to call this city home soon. The wedding went off without a hitch and everyone was pretty excited about the Same Day Edit for Nicole and Nima's wedding...check it out!!!


  1. that SDE was fun to watch! great job! looks like we have a lot more in common than we knew... my hubby and i are also wedding videographers and photographers! i love her "i do" and "me too" signs... might just use that for my forks next time! thanks for the inspiration nicole and nima!

  2. Aw...welcome back to Oregon!

    I posted a little something something on my blog today that's just for if you find the time...go find it :)

  3. you guys are amazing!!!! I know the grooms sister, mina!! we worked together at Nike :) so fun


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