October 14, 2011

Breaking out of the stoop...

  This is the first post where hubs and I didn't argue one bit while taking pics!! Aren't you proud?? I am! Normally it goes a bit like this....
Hubs: "Brittany, you need to lighten up, you look all tense"
Me: "Well I need you to direct me or something"
Hubs: "I don't know what I'm doing"
Me: "fine I'll just grab a tripod next time"
Then he does something stupid and makes me laugh and the pics turn out golden =) Oh I love you my goofy talented husband!!!

I'm wearing: Blouse (Old Navy), Shorts (Forever21), Scarf (Forever21), Tights (Fred Flare), Shoes (Dolce Vita), Watch (NordstromBP), Ring (Grandma's)


  1. YES! I love this outfit the most, so far. You are really getting the hang of this thing -- sooner or later, you're going to be the subject of everyone's "pinning" and showing up on someone else's blog!! Hope you're ready??

  2. Congrats on getting off the stoop! I rarely get off my rooftop. And after doing outfit posts for months now, I have yet to NOT argue with my husband when he takes my photos, so again congrats!

    North Meets South

  3. Love the colors in this!! Haha, for my very first post my fiance took my photos and we argued the whole time. I wanted him to direct me, he wanted me to be a natural, and in the end I decided I'd only take my own photos from then on.

    You are so beautiful and I am seriously loving your style!! Keep up the great work :) :)


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