October 31, 2011


Sorry for such a late post.  I must admit that later posts really work for me.  I tend to be very slow moving in the morning so don't be surprised if this is the first of many 5pm posts. We got SNOW this weekend which I am the least bit excited about.  The one thing I realized about living in New York is that Fall is the best time here and it also seems to be the shortest =( I really wasn't expecting to be here through another winter.  Hoping we are cozy in Oregon before it get's really bad here. We spent most of our afternoon scrambling for Halloween costumes.  I think this has become a tradition for us....that and getting out of bed at 10am =) What are your plans for Halloween???

I'm wearing: Dress, cardigan and belt (Forever21), Tights and Jacket (H&M), Boots (JcPenney), Scarf (gift)


  1. I love this. Gray and brown is rapidly becoming one of my favorite color combinations and this is just fabulous styling.

  2. You look SO cute. Love all of the layers and those boots are perfect.

    I am jealous that you're getting to dress all cozy and getting snow! :(


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