October 10, 2011

Vertical stripes, floral and Lake George

Can I just say I am so BEYOND touched with all the responses I have gotten from these little "style posts"....you all made my weekend!!!! You and the beautiful wedding we got to film, the hot weather and Lake George, but in all honesty it means so much to me to get such lovely comments.  The pressure is on and I hope I don't disappoint =)
I'm stoked to wear this dress right into fall...of course with traveling I didn't pack any fun accessories (darn!!) but I feel there are no limits with this little number and the vertical stripes are MY kind of stripes.  Thanks again and a special thanks to Emerald over at Sunday Crossbow for shedding some light onto Little Ditties!!

I'm wearing: Dress (Fred Flare), Cardigan (Forever 21), Wedges (DSW)


  1. just recently found your little blog! you are so lovely!the dress is the cutest!!


  2. that dress is so lovely and YOU look lovely in in! you are a natural model for hubby to practice on! :)

  3. adorable!! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com


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