October 19, 2011

Not so mellow yellow...

I'm quite obsessed with silky blouses this season, this one practically jumped off the hanger and into my hands.  I'm the type of girl that goes to Anthro and buys a new dish or a set of tea towels with the dream of someday being able to afford a top from them.  I splurged on this little lady in the clearance section =)
P.S. Isn't it great when you totally match your nail polish to what you are wearing on ACCIDENT?!? 

I'm wearing: Blouse (Anthropologie), Jeans (Forever21), Boots (MIA), Belt & Necklace (Forever21)


  1. I quite like your top as well! Especially with the necklace you matched it with. Such a beautiful look!

  2. So cute! Love the yellow top- and I am the same way. I go straight to the teacups at Anthro since that's about all I can afford.

    I also love when my nails accidentally match my outfits. I feel so pulled together and I didn't even have to try!


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