October 27, 2011

The little poncho that could...

 So here's the deal, I'm a complete copycat on this one and I'm not ashamed!! I first saw this lovely poncho on the Daybook and from then on I was on a mission to find it.  I seriously walked from every H&M in Manhattan with the photo loaded on my iPhone.  I felt like a woman who lost her kitten..."Have you scene this? Are you sure? I have a photo " Yes, I went a bit craaazzy hunting for this (especially after walking 40+ blocks) and still having no luck.  The crazy in me turned desperate and I called friends back home, begging for them to join me on this hunt. Enter, my dear friend Amby from Seattle who was up for the challenge and needless to say succeeded with flying colors. All while having a newborn in tow.  I'm the luckiest girl with a pretty poncho all the way from Seattle and a friend I don't deserve =) The things we do for style....or the things I do (I won't lump you into my craaazzy).

I'm wearing: Poncho and T (H&M), leggings (Target), Boots (JcPenney), Watch (NordstromBP), Pearl earrings (Grandma)


  1. What a nice friend to get it for you! You can definitely lump me into the crazy pile because I get the same way with items I want.

    Cute poncho! Happy Thursday :)

  2. That poncho is amazing you look amazing:)
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  3. Wow, that's some dedication! But I can see why- it's gorgeous and just perfect for Fall :)

  4. Totally digging the braid! :)


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