February 28, 2011

A little Lunchbox date =)

 I figure I need to start doing more posts of some of our favorite places in Brooklyn.  This morning Ryan and I went to Lunchbox for a little egg and cheese goodness on a roll.  This is something you can find at any old bodega in Brooklyn, but Lunchbox does it with class and sass =)  When the time comes to move back to Oregon I will miss my $2.50 breakfast at this splendid little place =)

It's about three blocks from our place!

They make some yummy sandwiches and smoothies too...

The shelves are lines with vintage lunchboxes...xoxo

Heart it...

He was covering his cute bald head =)
Not as much as I love this guy though...he leaves tomorrow for 8 whole days =( for work.  Got any chick flick recommendations??


  1. My boyfriend and I are going to NYC in 2 months. Seriously, my favorite place ever. This will be our fourth time going together and I think one of the days we're going to head over to Brooklyn-we've never been!

    Chick flicks?? Well, Topher Grace was on Regis and Kelly today and it made me think of his movie In Good Company. I love that movie. Then I looked it up, and realize it was from 2004-definitely didn't seem like that long ago!

  2. The Movie, The kids are alright, Annette Bening was nominated for Best Actress and Mark Ruffalo best supporting. Good Movie, and then Mark and I watched one with Hilary Duff called Greta that was good also.

  3. Wish you were coming with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Do you like period dramas? If so, I'd recommend North & South (it's British and not about the Civil War, TV mini-series 2004), Sense & Sensibility (TV mini-series 2008), Emma (TV mini-series 2009), Downtown Abbey (TV series 2010) and The Young Victoria.

  5. Ummmm just curious why you didn't take me and Nora there. Love Actually of course! Confessions of a Shopaholic...stupid but funny!

  6. SO cute!!! love that kind of stuff :)

  7. that little restaurant looks so cute!

    im hoping people are leaving good chick-flick recommendations because i need some!

    <3 megan


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