March 1, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

5. This adorable kitchen featured on DesignSponge. I love the shelf with the Catherine Holmes bowls =)

4. I think I will make something like this someday....

3. I love these city series prints from Albie Designs on Etsy =)

2. Mila Kunis's dress at the oscars...where can I get the knock off???

1. New Spring dresses over at Forever21....can't wait for Spring!!!!!

I'm off to grab lunch with a friend then I think I will crochet the night hubby = turning into an old lady at night =(  My goal this week is to finish a paint project for my nephews nursery and start another baby project for one of my darling friends that is expecting....babies babies babies =)


  1. So fun to see that you like the city prints from Albie Designs too!

  2. LOVE the city prints! If Ryan is still gone you should rent Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore...I laughed until I thought I'd die.


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