March 7, 2011

Movie Madness Monday!

 I am a movie freak...and it's something that Ryan accepts and helps feed my addiction to =) I am the type of person (if there is a type) that can go see movies as many as six times at a theater (Titanic) and also own certain movies and never ever get sick of them.  I only get sick of certain parts of them so I often will put a movie in that I own and fast forward to my favorite parts.  The more I'm sharing about this the more I feel a little like a crazy person, but the facts are true.
 When I was a little girl my Grandma introduced me to Steal Magnolias and I remember sitting on her shag rug carpet watching the movie over and over again. It was VHS so I would watch and rewind, watch and rewind.  Who knows, maybe Truvy in Steal Magnolias is the reason I wanted to become a hair dresser.
 The trend didn't stop there. When I was in high school Ace Ventura came out and I did the same exact thing.  I skipped out on going to the lake during the summer to sit inside and watch it over and over again.  You can ask my husband, I can quote the whole joke!!!
  So the other day when I was asking for chick flick recommendations it got me fun would it be to do a movie post every week of a movie I love or a clip from one.  By the way, thank you for your recommendations!! I have to admit...I already saw all of them =) I'm a freak I tell you!!
  Last night I watched Country Strong. I loved it!!! I'm not a huge country fan by any means but this movie I really enjoyed....I watched it again today =) Here is a clip I loved!! Go see it and give me your thoughts =)

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  1. have you seen when a man loves a woman?? That is my favorite chick flick.. i cry every time.


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