March 24, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Changes!!!

 This last week was pretty crazy!! First of all, a week from this last Monday I began the raw food diet!! And boy oh boy it has been great and surprisingly easier than I me when I tell you I am a person that isn't very good when it comes to self control. Let's just say I enjoy my ice cream, cheese and meat.
  I had mentioned that I was inspired by a blogger friend Jamie who recently went raw and had great things to say about it. I figured "what the heck" swimsuit season is just around the corner and I could use a few more vegetables in my diet.  At first I thought this probably won't last past a day, but I'm on week 2 and down 5 pounds and feeling great.  I eat a salad for lunch everyday with loads of veggies and some balsamic and oil. For breakfast I either juice a bunch of veggies and a little fruit or I have some walnuts with coconut and almond milk (which is so yummy).  Dinners seem a little rougher.  I have juiced a couple nights or I lightly grill (isn't technically allowed) some veggies in garlic.  I have been cheating in the sense where I have had sushi that has some cooked rice, but I'm allowing myself that because I know I am still putting great things in my body.
  I am beyond proud that I have stuck to it and it is so exciting seeing results in my skin, energy and waistline!! I don't have that bloated feeling from eating meat, dairy, sugar and bread. I will definitely keep you posted on how this goes and how long it lasts =)

So that was big CHANGE number 1!!!

  The 2nd huge change is I quit working at the salon!!! Ryan has been offering me to get more involved in our growing company Vivid Wedding Films. This last summer I was able to take some weekends off to help shoot weddings with him, but Weddings always seemed to conflict with salon hours being that they are on weekends when it's busiest at the salon.  My work at the salon had been very up and down emotionally from day 1.  Things would be great one day and the next it was a complete 180.  It would get to a point where I was getting very anxious in the mornings before work and not feeling like I could force myself to go. It's such a horrible feeling =(  The hardest thing is saying goodbye to the relationships that I have built but I know in the long run I would rather invest in the business Ryan and I are trying to grow.  It is such a weird feeling not going into a salon everyday.  It has been the only work that I have known for six years but I am looking at this as a little hiatus to focus on some other passions I have.  Not only the work with Vivid but also my paintings and random works of art I love to do.  My goal is to get my etsy shop up and going in the next month or two =)

  The 3rd huge change hasn't come quite yet, but we are planning on moving back to the west coast in January!!!!  It came as a shock to me as well =) We are doing so many destination weddings this summer and fall that we feel it is a great time to move where we ideally want to settle and have a family (not New York).  I am beyond excited to be back in Oregon where our family is and to be around all our nieces and nephews.  I'm really excited to live in Portland as well and hopefully find a salon to work at a few days a week and continue to be a part of weddings.
  If you have made it through this long blog...congratulations!!!! I feel I need to post something pretty as your reward =)
I love this random plate placement =)

Have a great day all!!! Guess what?? There is snow on the ground here =( Not too happy about that!! Check in a little later for an Oh Baby post (I have slacked I know).


  1. WOWO!! those are 3 awesome exciting changes :)
    i was forced to do a diet similar for health reasons for 30 days and it was SO tough but I agree about feeling so much better. Im not doing it anymore but would love to try to have a balance.

    yay for quitting jobs to pursue your dreams :) i just did that.

    and YAY for portland moving!!!!!!!!!!!! so fun

  2. Britt! So proud of you! You are an inspiration to me and to everyone around you! Three amazing and exciting accomplishments. I'm on the verge of starting the raw foods me any downfalls, recipes....looking for something! Love you guys! Changes are always good :)

  3. Britt!

    ok, i'm sad, but happy FOR you. When are you moving- next Jan? how long do we get to keep you???

    and good job with raw food, girl! I was proud of myself for taking a chocolate sabbatical...

  4. Brittany! I was just catching up on your raw food adventure! Sounds like it's going well! I'm just headed home to juice for dinner. :) I've fallen off the raw food wagon a bit after my intense two weeks and I'm DEFINITELY feeling it. Would like to go back asap!


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