March 8, 2011

5 of my faves Tuesdays!!!

 I am beyond ready for Spring!! Better yet, Summer!!! I'm tired of wearing scarves and layers =(

Wouldn't it be great to be laying down there =) ?? Since sun is on my mind I thought I'd share 5 cute spring/summer dresses to get us all ready....any day now right?!?!

5. This sweet little number.

4. I love this little house on the prairie feel =)

3. So perfect for a vacation to Cabo =)

2. Don't you love the colors and zipper down the front?? I sure do!!

1. It's yellow!!! Of course it is number one....

all dresses are at go out and splurge a bit for under 30 bucks!!!

Oh and by the way...yesterday I became an Auntie for the 4th time!!! My brother and his wife Morekka welcomed Alexander Henry into the world. He carries the strong name of my Grandpa Al and I know he will live up to it well!! I need to meet him and snuggle him ASAP!!!

 I think he is my number one favorite for the day =) I feel so special to be an Aunt to 4 awesome kids all under the age of 2!! Craziness!!!!


  1. looking at all of those dresses is getting me overly-anxious for summer and warm weather! sadly it just started snowing here... again. i'm no fan of snow :(

  2. I gave you a shout out- A WELL EARNED shout out! Keep up the great blogging. The world needs to know!


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