March 24, 2011

Oh Baby!!!

Sorry for not keeping up on this genre.  It is not the lack of being inspired in this area, trust me!! Lately I've fallen in love with natural wood in nurseries and subtle pops of color, or simply no color at all.  I'm still in love with gray on the walls and I love this little nursery....

I adore the name too  =)

I love the idea of bringing things that you love into the nursery as well....

Like putting some antique vases on a shelf...making the nursery a place for you to enjoy in addition to your bundle of joy. You can buy these bud vases here!!

Here is some of the natural stuff I'm loving...

This is actually a little teething toy...I heart Oregon!!!

I love this idea seen in Domestic Simplicity.  Ikea spice racks for under $3 used as a bookshelf!! Great for small spaces =)

Oh to be planning a nursery....


  1. Exciting news about you returning to the West!! We'll definitely have to catch up in Portland.

    Love the spice rack/book shelf idea!

    Let me know when you open your Etsy shop and I'll do a post. I'm getting all my materials together for my own shop and it's slow going! Fun but there's more components than I thought (mailers, tags, etc.)

    : )

  2. I'm so excited for you shop Britt...Maybe we can schedule a give away on eachothers blogs once we get things going =) And YES!!! Meeting up in Portland sounds amazing!!!


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